RiseHill is a high-tech development and service firm based in London, UK with footprint in the Middle East and Southeast Asia specializes in petroleum technique consulting, services, and data analytics to provide ground-breaking E&P solutions focusing on Upstream projects using cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning Solutions. 

Our services are carefully designed to cover the life-cycle efficiency improvements in Upstream Projects, organizational management supports, decarbonization Plans, CCUS, Energy Transition, Blue Hydrogen as well as fit-for-purpose Technology application and cost-reduction initiatives in which the services are well-based on the Data Analytics and Go Digital solutions to support your company’s Goal, Blueprint and Sustainability Agenda. 

The company aims to be a top regional integrated services organization in AI/Data Analytics and is acknowledged for its state-of-the-art technology services specifically in the oil and gas industry.   



Digitalization & Digital Transformation

Our offerings cater to both project-specific needs and organization-wide strategies. Through AI, automation, and advanced analytics, we empower efficient operations, informed decisions, and sustainable practices. Whether you're seeking enhanced production or holistic digital transformation, our solutions are designed to drive the energy industry into a future marked by innovation and sustainability.

Decarbonisation, Energy Transitioning and Sustainability

Propelling the oil and gas industry for decarbonization might be a good start to achieve a better sustainable future. Our services which include the decarbonization approach, energy transitioning methods, and ideas contribution are capable to prepare your company to fulfill the sustainable development goals blueprint to achieve a better future by 2030.


We deliver cutting-edge solutions that redefine the landscape of the energy and oil/gas industry. Our expertise spans advanced Geomechanics Assessment, innovative Fiber Optic Data Processing & Interpretation, and ground-breaking DAS VSP Processing and Interpretation. With a commitment to harnessing AI, ML, and the latest methodologies, we optimize reservoir performance, streamline monitoring, and drive production enhancement. Our services encompass comprehensive digital transformation, offering Automated Production Enhancement, Intelligent Field Management, and robust Data Management solutions. From project-specific optimization to organization-wide digital maturity, we're your partner in revolutionizing the energy sector with sustainable practices and state-of-the-art technologies.