About RiseHill

Who We Are ?

RiseHill is a high-tech development and service firm based in London, UK with footprint in the Middle East and Southeast Asia specializes in petroleum technique consulting, services, and data analytics to provide ground-breaking E&P solutions focusing on Upstream projects using cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning Solutions. 

Our services are carefully designed to cover the life-cycle efficiency improvements in Upstream Projects, organizational management supports, decarbonization Plans, CCUS, Energy Transition, Blue Hydrogen as well as fit-for-purpose Technology application and cost-reduction initiatives in which the services are well-based on the Data Analytics and Go Digital solutions to support your company’s Goal, Blueprint and Sustainability Agenda. 

The company aims to be a top regional integrated services organization in AI/Data Analytics and is acknowledged for its state-of-the-art technology services specifically in the oil and gas industry.   

What We Want ?

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Progressively Innovating Digitization and Sustainability ecosystem in integrated Energy & Production (E&P) Solutions to become a world-class partner of choice.

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  1. Providing excellent solutions to maximize asset life cycle value and supporting client’s sustainability plan
  2. Becoming the top AI integrated solution service provider to support & deliver the exploration, development, rejuvenation, and production commitments of the energy industry
  3. Maximizing the capability of state-of-the-art technology of AI to produce reliable and ground-breaking solutions for any phase of the industry
  4. Apply Integrated Subsurface-to-Surface Solutions through state-of-the-art practices & niche technologies leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence
  5. Providing top-notch decarbonization, CCUS, and sustainability planning to support the sustainable development goals

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  1. Leading network with tailored AI & ML solutions in the oil and energy industry
  2. A world-class partner of choice for sustainable E&P as a proven solution provider
  3. Focused on business value to deliver the best innovative and high impact energy solution and consultancy
  4. Top provider for state-of-the-art decarbonization, CCUS and sustainability solutions to enhance the upstream project in the industry
  5. Partner of choice for Organizational Management support, Capability Development, and competent technical workforce supply


What We Have ?









“Data Analytics is the Game-Changing to drive us in the future, and it should committedly innovate the high quality of AI technology to face the unique challenges by prioritizing greenhouse practice for better planet & well-being”


CEO & Founder  of RISEHILL