Trusted Partners in Engineering and Consultancy Services

Client : Petronas & BFA

RiseHill have a long-term Master Service agreement with BFA, dedicated to delivering Expert Engineering and Consultancy Services for E&P project maturation and reservoir assessment projects. Since the outset of our collaboration in early 2022, we have successfully undertaken more than 8 projects together, offering comprehensive G&G and Reservoir engineering services.

Provision of Integrated Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Client : Petronas & Halliburton

The Integrated Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentration and Risk Mapping Study of Malaysia Resource – Malay Basin Project in Collaboration with Halliburton was a project to understand the source, origin, and distribution of CO2 through a regional basin modeling approach integrating all available data. Integrated analysis of geological, petrophysical, geophysical, and geochemical datasets was completed and approved by Petronas to build the earth model for Basin Modelling

Unleashing the Power of VSP

Our track record in the Middle East Region reflects numerous successfully completed projects in VSP design, supervision, processing, and interpretation.

Application of Multi-output Regression models for Behind Casing Opportunity (BCO) Prediction

Client : Petronas

The Behind Casing Opportunity (BCO) Prediction is a collaboration project between RDA and PETRONAS to produce reliable and high accuracy machine learning models to predict possible BCO regions to extend field life as part of a brownfield project. BCO identification has been always a long process and challenging scope when it falls in a mature field environment due to unexpected reservoir risks. The well log data supplied by PETRONAS along with extensive petrophysical analysis helps to propel field implementation of the algorithm.

Integrated Data Intelligent (Data Management)

Client : IAC

Our key technology, Integrated Data Intelligence provides a good platform for IAC for better-unstructured data management. IDI is a robust data architecture solution that can process a vast amount of unstructured data with AI applications that leverage Machine Learning workflow and quickly derive your valuable data into important key insights and reader-friendly structured data.