Data Management, Visualization and Dashboard

Integrated Data Intelligence or IDI is a cloud web-based platform for the big data of unstructured and structured data. IDI is a robust data architecture solution that has the ability to process vast amount of unstructured data with AI applications that leverage Machine Learning workflow and quickly derive your valuable data into important key insights and reader-friendly structured data. The capability of IDI is having the technology to solve your data management pain point and also data analysis by utilizing the latest technology of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

It is tailored solution for your business’s needs, as well as data architecture solution for your vast amount of unstructured data. IDI leverage latest AI Technology in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to process millions number of files with complex algorithms and versatile workflows stand behind these ML and AI. IDI enabling user the state of art search-and-classification technology. It is specialized in handling millions of unstructured data and documents such as .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, and many forms of data types. IDI converted this unstructured information into user-friendly readable structured information through advanced sequence of Machine Learning Algorithm such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for text digitalization, Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Advanced Searching, Contextual Understanding and Word Clouds, and Deep Convolutional Neural Network (DCNN) for auto Image Classification of multiple image classes including maps, table, seismic and many more. Not limited to Advanced ML, OCR and NLP, IDI fully equipped with Geotagging the information of the project assigned and provide fully understanding of this information within a particular area.


Provides in-depth summary of each individual documents


Classified images using the robust power of machine learning


Advanced searching with fast 3D browsing from million of files


Provides insightful Data Visualization and Data Analytics

IDI can be accessible anywhere and everywhere and we will also be responsible to secure the database and provide the best solution either utilizing cloud web-based and on-premise solution. One of the most interesting features of IDI is the dashboard which enables user for an interactive display which includes convenient observation of data uploaded such as well logs and excel file. Summary of total amount of files uploaded as well as processed file are also provided. Dashboard provides a comprehensive details summary of logs and well details which is time saving for analyst, geoengineer and others for better analysis.