Research and Development

RiseHill is dedicated to contributing to the world of scientific
research by engaging in research studies that span man aspects and parts of
the upstream project, Clean Energy, Carbon Capture, CCS, CCUS as well as other
energy sectors, allowing us to journey farther into the unknown realm of
exploration. Risehill has a diverse group of professionals with qualifications
ranging from Professor, Doctorated Degree, Ph.D., master’s, and bachelor student,
all of whom have a diverse range of skills and knowledge.


Machine Learning and Artificial
Intelligence in Energy Sectors

Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage
(CCUS) and transition energy

And more …

Collaboration is also an excellent research approach to expand our skills in a
more cooperative and effective setting, allowing us to attain our full potential as
well as that of our partners. For the past few years, Risehill has collaborated
with a number of university partners, bringing together industry expertise and
academia to harness research potential. Past collaborators include but are not