Our Partners


Dataiku is a leading data science platform based on Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms.


Beicip-Franlab Asia consultants have a widely recognized experience in regional exploration around the globe along with successful oil and gas discovery.


Petroc is established in July 2009, as a spin-off company from Heriot-watt University. The company was established to offer oil and gas companies the culmination of over three decades of expertise in enhanced hydrocarbon recovery and CO2 solutions allowing the companies to meet their everyday technical and business challenges.


FLEXILICATE is a spin-off company of Universiti Malaya, formed with the objective of providing specialty and innovative silica-based optical fibre solutions to its customers.


PETROVISION is a consultancy firm designed to provide integrated and specialized services to the upstream sector of the oil & gas industry and financial institutions.